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10-Year-Old With HUGE HEART Grew Out His Hair To Make A Wig For His Friend With Alopecia

When she was 4 years old, Gabby Ruiz (now 12) of Riverview, Florida was diagnosed with the disease alopecia areata – a severe autoimmune skin condition characterized by hair loss. Because of the high cost of wigs, the girl was forced to wear headbands, towels, and hats.


When she met her friend Tyler Boone of Atlanta, Georgia, in 2014, he asked Gabby’s mother what he could do to make her feel better. Once 10-year-old Tyler realized Gabby couldn’t grow her own hair, the boy with a heart of gold generously decided to grow his own hair for her.


Although Tyler and Gaby live hundreds of miles from each other, they remained friends despite the distance. Their families met at the Westfield Brandon shopping center in Florida, where the two friends made a joint photo session.

Tyler decided to let his hair grow for two years to reach a length of 10 inches and be able to donate it to Children With Hair Loss, a nonprofit organization that would make a wig for his sweet friend. The wig should be ready in a couple of weeks.

The unselfish boy told the media that he simply wanted to make his friend happy, and he learned how to pay no attention whenever someone mistakenly thought he was a girl, as well as frequent jokes on his account.

Tyler let Gabby make the first cut of his hair when it reached the required length.

Gabby’s mom said she was deeply touched by Tyler’s generous act. “It’s a sweet thing that a kid at his age would want to do that for a friend,” Gabby’s mother says. “To see Gabby smile after going through all of this has been really sweet.”

That’s the truth. Do not look for heroes among characters on the covers of famous magazines – they are around us and they are doing small things with a big heart. Honor your friends and do something generous for them that will make them feel so much better!