10 Things You Would Do if You’re An ALPHA PERSONALITY

Usually, people with so-called alpha personality are called strong, ambitious and extremely successful people. And here are 10 signs by which you can determine whether you are among them:

  1. You speak directly and on business.

Alpha-personality knows exactly what he or she needs from others. Therefore, you speak directly and without any incomprehensible hints. “Yes” means yes, “no” means no for you.

If you doubt or misunderstand, then you ask questions before making a final decision. You seldom lie, because it is contrary to your beliefs.

  1. You believe in actions, not words.

It is impossible for you to blunder. You do not waste time analyzing the messages and words of other people. You judge by their deeds, gestures and personal communication.

Also, you do not force people to wait for your answer to their SMS, but you answer them immediately. This does not mean that you treat them as something particular, it’s just a sign of respect you show.

  1. You are not afraid of missing something.

It’s perfectly normal for you to skip a party or not know about the latest events in someone’s life. You do not need to know every gossip and drama in someone else’s life, because you watch only what you really want.

But when you are really interested, you are always the first to learn all the news and show unprecedented awareness on this topic.

  1. You are responsible for your words.

Your words never disagree with deeds, because you cannot and do not want to pretend. You have the courage to always express your dissatisfaction or disagreement, and there are always specific reasons behind your actions.

Also, you do not shy away from sarcasm, because for you it is a way to emphasize your sincerity.

  1. You have only a few friends that you REALLY trust.

Although you are a sociable person with a bunch of friends, you understand that you have only a couple of friends whom you can trust unconditionally. You are brave enough to break off relationships when they become too destructive for you, and you can always recover when someone betrays your confidence.

A broken heart only teaches you to appreciate even more those who stay close to you in any trouble.

  1. You love aloneness.

You do not mind doing everything yourself and do not feel lonely because you are used to independence. You rarely ask others for help, but you like working with those who understand your values ​​and ideas.

You are happy to go to places that are interesting for you because you will always find what to do.

  1. You are not demonstrative.

You rarely post anything in social networks – only the things which are really important to you. You like to be unobtrusive because you appreciate your personal space.

Everyone is interested in what you do all day, and this interest suits you: you draw a clear line between your life and the public.

  1. You are always busy with what you love.

You have so many goals and dreams in your life that you are constantly busy with a favorite thing of you enjoy. You are interested in living and learning something new with each day.

You love productivity and do it all not for the sake of praise or achievement, but simply because you like it.

  1. You do not care what people say about you.

You do not follow social norms because you have your own. You know that everyone will still not be pleased, and your motto is “Do not touch me, and I will not touch you.” You treat others as you would like them to treat you, and you know your own worth.

But despite your principles, you are always ready to listen and take into account the opinions of close people.

  1. You prefer a bachelor life than a marriage with a person who does not share your values.

You remain single until you meet someone who really understands your dreams and goals. You need someone who teaches you a new way and makes you rise above yourself. You are attracted to people who have similar dreams.

You will prefer to remain single until you meet someone who sees you as an equal partner, not a rival. When the alpha personality really loves, he or she says: “I can live without you, but I want to live with you.”

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