10 Signs You’re Under the Attack of NEGATIVE ENERGY and How to Eliminate It

Negative energy can cunningly make its sly way into the life of everyone. Negativity can be especially hard to handle if you allow people who are too much negative to hold an important place in your life.

If you’re the victim of negative energy, the chances are you’re not feeling very well in general. Many of us are unaware that negative energy is causing chaos in our lives, making us very miserable. If you take time to observe the signs of negativity surrounding you, then you can avoid its vicious attack. Just because things only appear to be coming from nowhere it doesn’t mean they truly are.

Here are 10 signs that you’re under the influence of negative energy:

1. You constantly feel exhausted.

All this negative energy is really taking a great deal of your vital force. You feel completely drained all the time and it seems nothing goes right for you. At the end of the day, the negative energy leaves you with no strength at all.

2. You’re no longer enthusiastic about the things you used to enjoy.

You seem to have lost all the joy in things like you used to. It’s like you’re being fully emptied out of all of your positivity. You feel there’s nothing for you to find that would make you happy now.

3. You don’t sleep very well.

You spend more time worrying and stressing than sleeping. It seems that the more you allow this negativity to control you, the harder it becomes for you to get a good sleep.

4. You worry all the time.

Worrying is something you cannot seem to stop for happening inside you. It is as if everything could end with the worst possible scenario and you are struggling to stop thinking that way. Have you noticed that you’ve been worrying more and more lately?

5. You allow other people tell you what to do.

Letting others control you has truly negative effects on your whole personality. You need to become a master of yourself and live your life the only way possible – your way! 

If you let other people tell you what to do you will never have a genuinely happy and fulfilled life.

6. You take criticism far too seriously.

Sometimes when others are criticizing you, they’re not doing it to be rude, but to point out certain things about you.

You need to develop the capacity to take criticism less seriously and treat it as it really is. You always have enough space to mature and grow as a person.

7. You no longer move out of your comfort zone.

You do not take that bold leap of faith to step out of the box as you once did before. Now you are more focused on the negative side of things and are allowing the fear of being judged control you.

This is not a good thing! It’s definitely not how you want to live your life.

8. You compare yourself to others more often.

You spend a great deal of your time paying attention to your bad qualities with an envious look on your face about others.

This is something you need to stop at once. Remember, you are always perfect just the way you are!

9. You’re too stressed and cannot understand why you cannot cope with things.

You spend a lot of time stressing out that the positive side of things in your life is moving further away from you each day. You’re letting your life move by at too fast of a pace. Stop allowing everything bother you and if you need a break, just take one. We all need a period of resting to restore our strength from time to time.

10. You are currently extremely emotional.

Your emotions overwhelm you and it seems you cannot fully control them at certain moments. This is occasionally normal but you need to deal with it as soon as possible. You need to be fully aware of such emotions without letting them get the best of you.

When you’re dealing with negativity the first step you need to take is to relax. Give yourself the enough time to carefully think things over, and figure out where you need to start from here. It is important to become emotionally intelligent and wise and understand that you’re fine as you are. If there is someone in your life who is being too negative, you should cut that person out and move on.

Search for the positive things in your life and the next time you find yourself too focused on the negative aspect of things, simply remind yourself of everything good that’s happening to you.